About Me

Focused On Moving Decisions Forward.

Construction mediation is not the same as other mediations. Construction disputes are complex, multi-party, expert-intensive, and business-driven.

My mediation and arbitration style reflects my commitment to efficiently moving cases to a resolution. I am at home working with technical cases, seemingly irrational opponents, expert opposition, tight schedules, and insurance constraints.

I am flexible in the way I conduct mediations. I mix-and-match the mediation procedures to the particular dispute and parties. When we set up the mediation we will discuss the best procedures for your dispute.

My Experience

Member of the Association of Attorney-Mediators  – Membership in the association is based on recommendations from attorneys familiar with the mediator’s work and required training –  Members have mediated over 300,000 cases

I have mediated construction disputes involving a wide range of construction issues.  This includes everything from subcontractor delays to owner financing and almost everything in between.  See my printable bio for a more complete list.  My private law practice focused on representing contractors, architects, engineers, subcontractors, material suppliers, banks, sureties, and developers.  As in-house counsel, I have advised a general contractor, real estate development company, and a major engineering company.

Examples of Types of Projects on Which I Have Resolved Disputes:

  • Multi-Family

  • Office

  • Commercial

  • Retail

  • Industrial

  • Environmental

  • Casinos

  • Resort Properties

  • Power Plants

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Roadways

  • Oil & Gas Facilities

  • Dams

  • Bridges

  • Tunnels

  • High Rise Structures

  • Seismic Zone Issues

  • Warehouses


Focused on Construction, A&E Professional Liability, Commercial, and Real Estate

  • Construction
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Architects & Engineers Professional Liability
  • Real Estate


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